The Black Artisans Project

We’re so pleased to share a new site that complements the mission and vision of Roots Cuisine: The Black Artisans Project. Inspired by a short piece written by Roots Cuisine’s founder, Rachel Finn for The Root, the Black Artisans Project (BAP) aims to celebrate the work and handicraft traditions of Black artisans around the world. The new site is in development. If you have information about an artisan you believe should be included please get in touch at
blackartisans [AT] rootscuisine [DOT] org.

In the meantime, read : “Black Artisan Holiday Gift Guide”, the piece that started it all here .


Black Artisans Project

Afro-Foodways Database

The Afro-Foodways database is a comprehensive, multilingual reference tool that allows users to search food and cooking terms related to the foodways and food culture of the global African Diaspora.

The multilingual database will allow users to search for ingredients, food plants, common recipe and dish names, and other information related to African and African Diaspora food culture. The dataset will include botanical information that will allow researchers to identify food items by scientific names where relevant. Additionally, colloquial and vernacular names for foodways, ingredients, food plants, common recipe and dish names, cooking techniques will be available to search.
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