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  1. Maria says:


    I know that some medicinal plants help for some diseases. Even though I left Haiti a while ago, I am wondering where I can find information about what good they do for each diseases.
    I am looking for “Prostate, ulcers, digestion.

    I believe that I can get something from other countries as well.

    Regards and nice work for trying re-unifying us.


  2. Rachel Finn says:

    Hi, Maria.

    First and foremost, thanks for visiting. I hope that you’ll make it a point to stop through regularly. I have just a bit of knowledge of “roots” from time spent living in Jamaica. What I can suggest will definitely have different names in the rest of the English-speaking world and most certainly in Haiti! But here goes: looks like thistle, plantain (the herb not the fruit), spiritual mint or spearmint, red sage, guava, and basil for ulcers. My notes and books say dandelion for the prostate, and of course, ginger is excellent for digestion and settling the stomach. I, of course, am not a roots woman and honestly you should maybe see or talk to an herbalist. Of course if you ailments are severe you should see a doctor without a doubt and consider combining folk remedies with mainstream medical treatment. Good luck.

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