Cookbooks, Journals, Magazines, Articles, Photos for a food resource collection


Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Cookbooks
  • Recipe collections
  • Food histories
  • Journals & Magazines
    we’ll take entire series/sets of publications
  • Articles
  • Dissertations
  • Stories
  • Photos
  • Audio & Video Recordings
  • Drawings, Paintings, and other Visual Art
  • Cooking utensils/product labels and other ephemera


We are looking for materials from across the global African Diaspora and of course, continental Africa herself that explain, clarify, teach, represent various aspects of cuisine and culture of the people, cultures, and foods of African Diaspora.

We are by our very nature a multi-lingual, multi cultural organization so don’t be afraid to send us materials in languages other than English, in fact, we actively encourage it.

For more information, including questions about materials or collections you’d like to donate or for contact information send us an email here.


Roots Cuisine is a registered nonprofit cultural/educational organization.





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